Packaging Info

Stemilt Packaging Info

Stemilt has long been at the forefront of packing technologies. It all started in the early 1960s when Stemilt founder, Tom Mathison, built a packing facility atop Stemilt Hill. By 1975, Stemilt began construction on its state-of-the-art Olds Station facility, now one of the largest fruit warehouses in the state. Finally, in 2016 Stemilt completing several multi-million dollar expansion projects.

Today, Stemilt has multiple packing facilities in Washington and California are under continual innovation. Each facility was carefully designed to store, wash, sort, size, and pack our apples, pears, cherries and summer fruits. No matter what the season, you can be assured that Stemilt fruit is packed with the latest technologies, into sturdy and reliable packaging, and according to our highest standards.

Carton Specifications

Stemilt has an array of packaging options available for our different fruit products.

When selecting or designing new packaging, we strive to:

  • Protect the fruit during transport and maintain fruit freshness and overall quality
  • Use sustainable materials such as Kraft-based paper
  • Bring both functionality and innovation to the produce department
  • Appeal to the consumer through packaging design and messaging
  • Offer a wide variety of packaging in order to meet individual retailer needs