PLU Stickers

PLU_ExamplesAll of Stemilt’s Price Look Up stickers are using GS1 Databar (formerly know as RSS, Reduced Space Symbology) for apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plumcots.

  • Current data bar usage includes 3 lines of information (due to preprinted stickers)
  • Current 3 lines of text are for example: Stemilt, Large, Gala
  • Future data bars will have the capability of up to 14 lines of information (print on demand)
  • Current benefits are self-scan cash register systems and auto-read of PLU# by a scanner
  • Variety cross over at the cash register will still occur because the apple variety at the bottom of the customer’s bag will be read, and mixed-in varieties will all ring up as that variety
  • Retailers must have modern (post 2003) cash register scanning systems and software to power the hardware
  • Consult your equipment manufacturer for more details

Did You Know? Tom Mathison, Stemilt’s founding father, was the first person to brand apples. During the 1980s, he introduced the “Stemilt” sticker. Although the sticker of the day was not a PLU — which later became an industry standard — it did identify product as coming from Stemilt Growers.

Packaging UPCs


UPC barcodes (Universal Product Code bar codes) are the symbols used on items in the retail channel. UPC barcodes get scanned at the cash register as part of a POS (point of sale) system. They contain unique numbers that identify one product from another. That’s how cash registers can display and print receipts with the name and price of everything you buy.

Below are the UPC numbers for Stemilt apples, pears, and other fruits for your reference: